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You Don’t Have To Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party By Yourself!

“Magic Bob” helps Kansas City area parents create memories for children on their special day…

…With An Unforgettable Magic Show!

Now parents can enjoy themselves too, without the stress and worry.


Planning your child’s birthday does not have to be stressful.  Kansas City parents are finding just how easy it is. Magic Bob can take care of all the details. All you have to do is get the kiddos together… Bob will take care of the rest.


Your child’s birthday only happens once a year. Make sure it’s memorable! Children love magic shows, especially when Bob brings his unique blend of magic tricks, music, and silly antics. The kids will rave about the fun. Everyone gets to participate!

Fun For Everyone

You can relax knowing that a professional magician with years of experience will create an amazing party for the kids. Moms and Dads will have as much fun as the kids. Expect lots of laughter, excitement, and crazy dancing!

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Who Is Magic Bob?

Kids know him as  ‘Magic Bob’.  Parents know Robert Goodin is the man behind the character.  Even parents call him Magic Bob.  He’s all grown up, but still thinks he is a kid!  That’s why children have so much fun when Bob entertains at their party.

He understands children and how to keep them busy while you relax and enjoy your child’s special day.  Bob has 20+ years experience entertaining children ages 5-12 with magic, music, and goofy antics.  Not just any magician can keep a lively bunch of kiddos engaged for nearly an hour.

His very funny, family-oriented brand of entertainment has been a hit with Kansas City area audiences.  Bob has as much fun as his audience during each show!  He also performs for corporate audiences, but he says “I love being able to get silly with the ‘little people’.  It helps keep me young!!”

The Show

How It Works…

Each birthday party show is designed to have your child the star of the show. From the time the kids walk in, to the end of the show, your child will be a superstar in front of their friends!

There will be plenty of magic, hilarious puppets, audience participation, and laughter… even from the parents.

Set-up is easy. Just have a corner of the room free of furniture for Bob to set up his table. Everything is self-contained and requires no special arrangements.

Lots Of Free Stuff!

Near the end of the show, the birthday child waves the magic wand and makes candy for all his guests. Who knows, your child may become the next famous magic superstar! That’s how Bob started.

Each child gets a free souvenir prize that teaches them 5 magic tricks they can do at home. There is no limit to the number of these given out!

At the end of the Magic Show, the children will be delighted when Bob makes each child their very own personal Balloon Sculpture.

Lots Of Participation For Everyone

During the show everyone will have a chance to help “Make the Magic Happen.”  In the Birthday party show, the birthday child is asked to be Bob’s main assistant up front.

Just The Right Amount Of Time

The show runs approximately 45 minutes–about the time of a school class.   It will be the easiest party you have ever planned!

Party Checklist

One to Two Months Before

  • Discuss with your child how many people to invite. Do you want to invite the entire class, or just a handful of close friends.  Create an invitation list.
  • Line up the party entertainer.  The sooner the better!  Be sure to book early to ensure you get your preferred date.
  • Order party decorations, balloons, party hats, etc.

Four Weeks Before

  • Before setting a date, check with guests to make sure they are available to attend. You wouldn’t want your child’s best friend not be able to attend because he is out of town.

Three Weeks Before

  • Send invitations.  Be sure to ask guests to RSVP.
  • Plan activities and games to play.
  • Plan the menu.  Keep it simple.  Use finger foods kids love, like pizza.
  • Arrange for extra help from friends, older children, relatives.

One Week Before

  • Order the birthday cake.
  • Give your house a thorough cleaning.
  • Put together a cooking schedule. Some foods can be prepared and frozen.
  • Confirm cake order and any party supplies ordered.

Three Days Before

  • Pick up grocery items.
  • Do a safety check for potential dangerous areas of your home. Child-proof any problem areas.
  • Charge batteries for camcorders and cameras.  Have plenty of film, tape, or memory cards for the devices.
  • Call any guests who have not RSVPs to get a final guest count.

One Day Before

  • Organize furniture, decorate, and set up the party area.
  • Finish as much cooking as possible.
  • Pick up the birthday cake.  Make sure you have candles and matches.
  • Check house to make sure it’s clean.

Party Day!

  • Finish last-minute cooking that could not be done before today.
  • Assign one or two helpers to set out the food while the kids are being entertained.
  • Take lots of pictures and video.
  • Enjoy the party, knowing you have everything checked off this list!

To avoid disappointment, call early to get your preferred date.

Call 913-530-6235